Worship isn’t just for Big Church

Psalm 98 encourages us to “Sing a new song…” When it comes to student ministry, singing the same old songs at each youth group meeting doesn’t work! Psalm 98 is more than a casual Biblical command, it’s just good advice. Where can a youthworker find a consistent source for new youth-oriented praise songs? Right here!! For years we’ve worked every day listening to, identifying and sending you the best music for your youth ministry – music your students will be stoked to discover. That includes both Christian pop/rap/hardcore music AND worship music. This section of Youth Leaders Only is committed to equipping you and your worship band (if you have one or are working toward launching one) with great worship resources for your youth group meetings.

Modern Worship Articles

Don’t have a worship band yet? The top worship leaders have some great input about the role of modern worship in your student ministry. These articles can be the foundation as you get started.

Got a worship band? If your band is like most, they need more than chord charts… they need some direction and wisdom. That’s why we extract experience and nuggets of advice from worship leaders they know. We’re certain that you’ll find the Modern Worship Articles just as useful as the chord charts

Chord Charts

As a Youth Leaders Only-Team interlinc member every three months you get the best new Christian music available. Sure, some of those albums are easily labeled “worship”. But when we looked deeper, we discovered that there are great singable songs sprinkled throughout the other pop/rock albums… songs that would work great with a youth worship band. So now we identify the best praise songs from ALL the albums in each quarterly YLO… and with the publisher’s permissions we provide just for our members guitar chord charts for those songs. Use them well!

Keep Checking Back! More Chord Charts Being Added Daily!