Team interlinc Thoughts

“As a long term Youth Pastor, I still remember those early days with not much budget and needing some direction. interlinc played a huge role in connecting me with cutting edge YLO resources, current music, and introduced me to the Youth Ministry Tribe that I have grown to love over the years as a YLO member” 
Brandon Best
Oakwood Baptist Church
New Braunfels, TX
“Wow! The Ben Fuller music video ‘Chasing Rebels’ is spot on as a ministry tool here at the Hutchinson Correctional facility. I pray that God will powerfully use it in the life of the inmates. Can’t wait to share it with them. Thanks for making me aware of it!”
Ken Adrian
Prison Minister
Hutchinson, KS
“I am so thankful to my youthworker friends and my long-term friends at interlinc for connecting us. I want to make music that ministers to students.”
“I was a YLO member from 1997 until just recently. This music ministry has been a great asset to the ministry God has given me for over twenty years. I appreciate the wealth of material YLO has provided through the years. What a blessing interlinc has been and continues to be for me as I continue in ministry.”
John Pecoraro Jr
Former Youth Pastor
The Colony TX
“We understand athletes. We don’t understand music. When we need help in using music in our ministry we talk to our long-term trusted partner- interlinc. They always deliver.”
Dan Britton
Chief Field Officer
The Fellowship Of Christian Athletes
“Truly honored to partner with you, interlinc, and each youth ministry across the globe! May we never stop dreaming God-sized dreams! We’re with you all the way!”
Joel and Luke
“It is almost impossible to keep up with the new music and media resources. interlinc has been our primary link and has served our district youth directors and local youthworkers very effectively over the past 30 years. We couldn’t do without them.”
Jay Mooney
Chief Ministries and Resource Officer
The Assemblies Of God

“I received the ConGRADulations! Class Of 2006 Grad Gift CD from my church as a high school graduation present. I still have it and listen to it today. Some of those songs were exactly what I needed in the face of my greatest doubts during college. Now, my little sister is graduating, and I am ordering ConGRADulations! for her and several of her friends. I hope they find it as inspiring as I did years ago. “
Merrie Johnson
(Class Of 2006)
“interlinc has been an essential contributor in ensuring that NFCYM members are well versed in music and media. They have not only introduced us to artists like For KING & COUNTRY, Tobymac, Lecrae, Peabod, and others for our events, but they continue to equip our local parish and national leaders to use music in their local ministries. Allen Weed and his team share our heart for evangelization and empowering missionary disciples. I am so glad for their friendship and their role on the NFCYM team!”
Christina Lamas
Executive Director
National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry

“Young people love music! Our members are constantly seeking ways to stay on top of the fast-paced music-media world our young people are immersed in. I am grateful we have experts in our membership that can help us navigate the music world. interlinc has been an active member of the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM) for over two decades.”
Christina Lamas
Executive Director
National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry

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