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About Us


At Team interlinc, everything we do is based on the belief that music & entertainment media are the most powerful forces affecting youth culture today.

Since our beginnings in the Word Records system in 1984, the interlinc mission has never wavered – linking the resources of the music and media industry with the needs of local youthworkers. Kids love music and media. Kids need a relationship with Jesus Christ. To be effective, youthworkers need to know about and know how to use Christian music, worship music, mainstream music and all forms of media. While we don’t believe that Christian music should be the foundation of your youth ministry, we’re pretty sure of this “If you want a student to remember a Biblical truth, put it in a song and he or she will never forget it.”

We call students “screenagers” because with their constant companion cell phone, they’re swimming in the entertainment media soup (music, movies, games, social media) 5-9 hours each day. How much of the solid Biblical teaching your students hear once or twice a week is challenged by the music they hear on a daily basis? We are in a battle for their hearts and earbuds and you have the unique opportunity to build up instead of tear down your message through music.

Over our 40 year history Team interlinc has “linked” almost every Christian artist, record company, film company, concert promoter, music festival and music-media industry people directly with over 35,000 local youth ministries from 60 denominations and para-church ministries globally.

We are curators, translators, connectors, bridge-builders. Relationship, shared-vision and trust are the core of our work. Jesus Christ, the Gospel, students, youthworkers and music are our passion.