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Based on a remarkable true story, Unsung Hero follows David Smallbone as he moves his family from Down Under to the States, searching for a brighter future after his successful music company collapses. With nothing more than their seven children, suitcases, and their love of music, David (for KING + COUNTRY’s Joel Smallbone) and his pregnant wife Helen (Daisy Betts) set out to rebuild their lives. Helen’s faith stands against all odds and inspires her husband and children to hold onto theirs. With their own dreams on hold, David and Helen begin to realize the musical prowess in their children, who would go on to become two of the most successful acts in Inspirational Music history: five-time GRAMMY Award®-winning artists for KING + COUNTRY and Rebecca St. James.

Joel and Luke had an amazing day at the National Catholic Youth Conference… a talk-back session with 600 students, a meeting with youthworkers, and a huge concert in Lucas Oil Stadium.
Joel and Luke with interlinc Guys (Jay Sedwick and Justin Nations) met with a group of DFW Youthworkers before their sold-out concert at Dr Pepper Arena. They shared their spiritual journey story, their mission to minister to students, an update on the PRICELESS Movement (already over 500K students have been impacted), and requested youthworker prayer for their upcoming single (Joy) and album coming out this year.
The line to meet for KING & COUNTRY after their performance at KONGRESS in Germany.

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The Linc : Motivation
The Linc : Perspective
The Linc: Zeal
The Linc: Self ; Identity In Christ
The Linc : Self ; Image/Uniqueness
The Linc : God's Love
The Linc : Encouragement
The Linc : Endurance
The Linc : Righteousness
The Linc : Family ; Love For
The Linc : Family ; Parents
The Linc: Role Models
The Linc: Forgiveness
The Linc: Grace
The Linc : Repentance
The Linc : Hope in God
The Linc : Jesus ; Incarnation
The Linc : God's Presence
The Linc : Prejudice
The Linc: Unity
The Linc : Baptism
The Linc: Salvation
The Linc : Merry Christmas
The Linc : Humility
The Linc : Spiritual Gifts
The Linc : Evangelism God's Representatives
The Linc : Friendship ; Support
The Linc ; Holiness ; Christlikeness
The Linc: Service
The Linc : Commitment
The Linc: Suicide
The Linc: Addiction
The Linc : Depression
The Linc: Joy
The Linc : Optimism
The Linc : Positive Attitude
The Linc : Committed Love
The Linc : Marriage
The Linc : Sin ; Confessions Of
The Linc : Racism
The Linc: Perseverance
The Linc : Respect
The Linc : Victory
The Linc : God's Faithfulness
The Linc Difficulties ; Hope Within
The Linc ; Difficulties ; Trials
The Linc : Jesus Death (The Cross)
The Linc : Jesus ; Resurrection (Easter)
The Linc : Love
The Linc: Contentment

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